The Midwest Regional ESC has developed an online platform where educators can connect, share questions, concerns, and successes to assist each other in providing the most effective learning environment for our students. We believe that professional learning communities (PLCs) are a powerful collaboration tool for educators. In today’s educational environment, educators need all of the support they can get from one another. Although there is no substitute for face-to-face collaboration, we realize that in many small districts, there are many teachers who are the only one who teaches a certain grade or subject in the district.

Below you will see links for various PLC groups in which you can join and participate. You are welcome to join multiple groups if you have several teaching assignments. Likewise, if there is a group that you would like to join and it is not on the list, please contact us about adding that PLC and we will do so if there is enough interest. To join a Group/PLC you must be a registered user of the website. Click Here

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