First Grade SS Lessons

Theme:  Families Now and Long Ago, Near and Far




Content Statement #1.  1. Time can be divided into categories (e.g., months of the year, past, present and future).


Content Statement #2.  Photographs, letters, artifacts and books can be used to learn about the past.


How Our Toys Are Different Than the Past

Classrooms Then and Now

Transportation Now and in the Past


Content Statement #3.  The way basic human needs are met has changed over time.






Content Statement #4.  Maps can be used to locate and identify places.


Various Map Resources

Map Making

Map Trap


Content Statement #5.  Places are distinctive because of their physical characteristics (land forms and bodies of water) and human characteristics (structures built by people).


Maps – Types of Land


Content Statement #6.  Families interact with the physical environment differently in different times and places.




Content Statement #7.  Diverse cultural practices address basic human needs in various ways and may change over time.


Community Culture Tank





Content Statement #8.  Individuals are accountable for their actions.




Content Statement #9.  Collaboration requires group members to respect the rights and opinions of others.


Conflict Management lesson



Content Statement #10.  Rules exist in different settings. The principles of fairness should guide rules and the consequences for breaking rules.


Our School is a Community

Why Do We Need Rules?

Rules and Laws




Content Statement #11.  Wants are unlimited and resources are limited. Therefore, people make choices because they cannot have everything they want.


Opportunity Costs – Consumers

Little Star’s Problem

Cost and Benefits of the Three Little Pigs

Country Mouse Makes a Decision

Scarcity and Resources


Content Statement #12.  People produce and consume goods and services in the community.


Producing and Consuming

Everyone Works

The Difference Between Goods and Services

What Do People Do?

Delivering the Goods

Simple Simon Meets a Producer


Content Statement #13.  People trade to obtain goods and services they want.


Trade to the Tailor

A Pet for Beans


Content Statement #14.  Currency is used as a means of economic exchange.


On the Money

Funny Money or Phony Money

Market to Market