Kindergarten SS Lessons

Theme:  A Child’s Place in Time and Space




Content Statement #1.  Time can be measured.


I Grow


Content Statement #2.  Personal history can be shared through stories and pictures.


All About Me Activities: Graphing, All About Me Cube, and All About You


Content Statement #3.  Heritage is reflected through the arts, customs, traditions, family celebrations and language.


Author Study of Patricia Polacco’s Family Stories

Celebrating Family Traditions

Traditions in Our Family

Crayon Box – Family Diversity


Content Statement #4.  Nations are represented by symbols and practices.  Symbols and practices of the United States include the American Flag, Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.  Other nations are represented by symbols and practices too.


National Symbol Patterns

Simple Symbols and American Children

I Am American

Freedom Quilt

Symbols and Landmarks

Symbols of America Online Quiz




Content Statement #5.  Terms related to direction and distance, as well as symbols and landmarks, can be used to talk about the relative location of familiar places.


Fairy Tale Maps

Map the Path in My Father’s Dragon


Content Statement #6.  Models and maps represent real places.


Fairy Tale Maps

Maps and Me

Map Trap

Cartography for Kids


Content Statement #7.  Humans depend on and impact the physical environment in order to supply food, clothing and shelter.


Our National Parks:  Recreation and Preservation


Content Statement #8.  Individuals are unique but share common characteristics of multiple groups.


We Are Alike and We Are Different

Our Families, Yours and Mine

Our Selves, Our Classroom, Our Families




Content Statement #9.  Individuals share responsibilities and take action toward the achievement of common goals in homes, schools and communities.


Family Responsibilities

I Am Responsible


Content Statement #10.  The purpose of rules and authority figures is to provide order, security and safety in the home, schools and communities.


Our School is a Community

Why Do We Need Rules?

Rules and Laws




Content Statement #11.  People have many wants and make decisions to satisfy those wants.  These decisions impact others.


All I Really Need

Do I Want or Need


Content Statement #12.  Goods are objects that can satisfy people’s wants.  Services are actions that satisfy people’s wants.


Mystery Workers

Everyone Works

Community Helpers Are At Your Service

Delivering the Goods

Woof! Woof!  At Your Service

We Are Consumers and Producers