We would like to welcome you to our new professional learning and instructional resource website.  The Midwest Regional ESC is dedicated to providing schools with high quality and effective tools and services to assist educators in meeting the diverse needs of their schools and classrooms.  Our new website has been developed to provide districts, schools, and educators with a one-stop-site where they can find professional learning opportunities, instructional resources, and a place to connect and communicate with colleagues from various districts.

In today’s fast paced educational environment, educators do not have the luxury of spending hours searching for and locating PD opportunities and classroom resources to assist them in making their classrooms the best educational environment it can be.  You will find many resources and professional learning opportunities on our site.  If you need something that you cannot find here at our site, feel free to contact us and we will work to create a customized PD plan for your district.

The Midwest Regional ESC hopes you will find this site valuable and a place you will frequent as you continue to strive to be the best educator you can be.

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