Here are some links to curriculum resources and information for science teachers.  Please take some time to explore the various links to the resources.  If you have other helpful links you would like to see added to this page, please contact us.


ODE’s Science Page

This page contains links to the model curriculum resources aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards for science.  This page contains specific links to the grade specific science model curricula.

Link to ODE Science Page with test specs and links to practice resources.

2018 Revised Science Standards documents

K-12 Science Crosswalk document

Released Assessments

2015 Assessments

2016 Assessments
2017 Assessments
Performance Level Descriptors

Concord Consortia

This is a great site with interactive, inquiry based activities which prepare students for the Next Generation Science Assessments here in Ohio.  You can filter the activities by grade and subject to narrow the topics you are looking for.


PhET Interactive Simulations

This site contain many interactive simulations that students can engage in and manipulate.  Many allow students to explore concepts and do investigations that would be difficult or impossible to do in the actual classroom.


Interactives for Grades 3-6

This site contains interactive activities that address many topics and concepts.  The site is from Utah, so the topics may be in different grade levels than Ohio.


Interactive Activities

This site has links to several virtual labs that are powerful interactive tools to incorporate into your classroom instruction.


Virtual Labs by Glencoe

This is a great collection of virtual labs and activities that are classified by domains.


Go Lab

This is a great site of free virtual labs, experiments and data sets.


HHMI Biointeractives

This site has some great free instructional and interactive resources.


Performance Assessments

These technology-based tasks are designed for formative use by teachers to gain insights into students’ progress in building proficiency with the NGSS performance expectations (PEs).  However, they can be used to engage students in Ohio’s standards as well where they align.

Instructionally Embedded Assessments

Assessments for Grade 3-8

Online Performance Assessments and Activity Tasks for Middle School

Short Response Items


Science Netlinks

This national site is a collection of high quality science lessons for grades K-12.  Because it is aligned nationally, you may need to check the lesson alignment with Ohio standards.  Use the filtering system to narrow your search for the concept you are looking for.


Columbus City Schools Resources

Columbus City Schools has some great resources that can help science teachers to plan and prepare their instruction. Click the grade level link to the right side of the window to view specific  instructional resources.  To view specific Science assessment resources from Columbus City Schools, CLICK HERE.


SAS Curriculum Pathways

This free resource has multiple resources to support sound science instruction.  Explore and check out the numerous FREE resources.


Annenberg Interactive Collection

Annenberg has a vast collection of interactive activities that cover a variety of concepts and topics.  Explore the interactives and the lessons on this site.


K-6 Grade Level Science Lessons

This lesson collection is from Utah, so again the alignment must be checked to Ohio standards.  The lessons are very well done and include all of the support necessary to do the lessons.


Secondary Science Lessons

This lesson collection is from Utah, so again the alignment must be checked to Ohio standards.  The lessons are very well done and include all of the support necessary to do the lessons.


PBS Learning Media

The PBS site has several multimedia lessons and resources that can be useful to teach many science topics.  You need to click the “Browse by Subject and Grade” tab to select the grade and subject you want to search.


Real Time Data Activities

This site has a collection of real time data activities that cover several different topics.  These are great inquiry activities that reinforce the scientific practices and prepare students for the next generation assessments.  Check out the activities and see which align to the standards you teach.


Online Collaborative Projects

This site has several online collaborative projects that you and your students can participate in and collaborate with other schools.  This is a great way to engage students in the scientific process and be able to use data from other sources. Check out the projects and see which align to the standards you teach.


Unit Planning Resources

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