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We would like to welcome you to our professional learning and instructional resource website.  The Midwest Regional ESC is dedicated to providing schools with high quality and effective tools and services to assist educators in meeting the diverse needs of their schools and classrooms.  Our new website has been developed to provide districts, schools, and educators with a one-stop-site where they can find professional learning opportunities, instructional resources, and a place to connect and communicate with colleagues from various districts.

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Here is a breakdown of the various pages and resources found on the site:

Classroom Resources

This page provides links to instructional and curriculum resources for the various core subjects of ELA, math, science and social studies.  You will also find assessment resources that will provide information and links that can help you locate sample assessment items, information on state testing, and other testing resources.

Workshops and Courses

This page contains links to the various professional learning opportunities offered by the Midwest Regional ESC.  Here you will find face-to-face professional development opportunities, hybrid opportunities that will involve a face-to-face session with online follow up, and totally online PD opportunities.  You are able to register to attend any of these professional learning opportunities at this page.

Professional Learning Communities (Groups-PLCs)

This page houses the various online professional learning communities available on the site.  We understand that in many small districts there may be only one or two teachers who teach a certain grade or subject and do not have an opportunity to collaborate or communicate with others who share the same teaching assignment.  These online groups provide a platform for these teachers to connect and communicate with one another.


This page contains print resources that are either created by the Midwest Regional ESC consultants or are available to support one of our book studies or other professional learning opportunities.  Check out the various resources here.

Instructional Coaching

We are committed to providing the classroom support to assist districts in maintaining the highest quality instruction possible.  The instructional coaching page outlines the coaching services we have available to districts and a request form that districts can use to request coaching for their staff.