Second Grade SS Lessons

Theme:  People Working Together




Content Statement #1.  Time can be shown graphically on calendars and timelines.


Online Timeline Maker

Family Timeline

Personalized Timelines

Vertical Timeline Maker

Horizontal Timeline Maker


Content Statement #2.  Change over time can be shown with artifacts, maps, and photographs.


Studying Changes of Native Americans over Time

Cave Art


Content Statement #3.  Science and technology have changed daily life.


Inventions 1:  Edison and the Light Bulb

Inventions 2:  The Impact


Content Statement #4.  Biographies can show how peoples’ actions have shaped the world in which we live.


Portrait of a Hero

Anne Frank:  Writer




Content Statement #5.  Maps and their symbols can be interpreted to answer questions about location of places.


Map Your Schoolyard

Map Symbols

Mapping Storybooks

Park Map


Content Statement #6.  The work that people do is impacted by the distinctive human and physical characteristics in the place where they live.


Why People Move


Content Statement #7.  Human activities alter the physical environment, both positively and negatively.


Human Adaptations to the Physical Characteristics of a Community

Protecting Our Planet

Powerpoint on Humans Impact on the Environment


Content Statement #8.  Cultures develop in unique ways, in part through the influence of the physical environment.


How People Adapted to Environments

Geographic Features and Human Settlement


Content Statement #9.  Interactions among cultures lead to sharing ways of life.






Content Statement #10.  Personal accountability includes making responsible choices, taking responsibility for personal actions and respecting others.


Our School is a Community

Why Do We Need Rules?

Rules and Laws


Content Statement #11.  Groups are accountable for choices they make and actions they take.


Content Statement #12.  There are different rules that govern behavior in different settings.


Creating Classroom Rules





Content Statement #13.  Information displayed on bar graphs can be used to compare quantities.


Bar Graph Activity 1

Bar Graph Activity 2

Bar Graph Printouts


Content Statement #14.  Resources can be used in various ways.


Water, Water Everywhere

Everything Comes from Something


Content Statement #15.  Most people around the world work in jobs in which they produce specific goods and services.


Everyone Works

What Do People Do?

Delivering the Goods

Simple Simon Meets a Producer


Content Statement #16.  People use money to buy and sell goods and services.


Funny Money or Phony Money

Market to Market


Content Statement #17.  People earn income by working.


We Can Earn Money (or) Working Hard for a Living